Episode 32: If You Like a Lot of Chocolate On Your Biscuit, Join Our Club

In which our toilers on the allotment of life discuss the defeat to Southampton and the victories over Manchester United, Rubin Kazan and Sunderland, and Donal pays homage to Eden Hazard in his own inimitable way.

Eden Hazard in Blue and White

Eden Hazard in Blue and White,
Plays on the left or right,
Explosive like dynamite,
A bit beardy, like a Mennonite*.

Eden Hazard what a sight,
Moving at the speed of light,
Deadly as Kryptonite**,
Out of ballboys he kicks the shite.


*The Amish are big fans of the chin hair, the Mennonites perhaps not so much, but I needed a rhyme so a related 16th century German Anabaptist Protestant religious grouping had to do.

**Kryptonite is not, of course, deadly to humans, but we’re talking superheroes here.

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